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Sod Specialist

Immaculate Landsaping only uses the freshly cut “Kentucky Blue Grass” Our premium quality grass does not come with a premium price tag. Our fresh grass starts from $ 1.00 Per sqft, installed.

Sod is the perfect choice for your home. It will benefit the environment and also help increasing value of your home. It is an “ Instant solution to have a instant green grass. Since we only use the freskly cut grass our grass will germinate quicker and proper wayering will ripe the results faster. Our standard rolls come in 2” x 5” = 10 square feet.

Benefit of sodding your lawn:
  • Provides a natural, comfortable environment for daily activities.
  • Releases oxygen into our atmosphere and helps cooling the air.
  • Helps in controlling pollution and reduces soil erosion
  • Helps purify our water supplies
  • Helps in reduction of carbon dioxide emmissions.
  • Mitigates the heat island effect
  • Enhances the curb appeal by adding upto 15 % to the value of the house.
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